July, August

July, August

The summer months didnt feel like summer. It was raining most of the time, but the two weeks where the sun was shinning  and everything was green made up for it. July was the month of the boat competition that happens once a year in Rõuge. Lots of people take part in the event: those who participate and those who watch, besides the others who join the music concert at night.

Together with the other volunteers, we made facial paintings, and helped with some other activities. We actually had the luck to have a beautiful day during that time.

Together with the other volunteers, we made facial paintings, and helped with some other activities. In the end of the month there was a painting camp, bringing roughly twenty students to Rõuge for a weekend. They spent an entire weekend just painting the lanscape, and I joined for a while

During the painting camp in Rõuge

July was also my mid-term training, where I gathered with other volunteers and, together, we made a retrospective about our projetcs since the on-arrival in march. The meeting happened in the north, in a beautiful place in the forest – Lepoja.  We had a great time, in the middle of the nature, adding that we were very lucky with the weather. We also did some canoing, in a river full of obstacles, and tried the traditional estonian sauna, juming into the near lake after.



Finally, in the end of August, my parents came to visit me. We stayed in Tallinn and travelled around Estonia: Paide, Parnu, Narva, Tartu, Saaremaa, and also one little Island, Muhu, with a  little fisherman village, where was held an exhibition portraying life during the mid XIX century. It was also the place where a quite known estonian writer Juhan Smuul, was born and spent is summers, further in his adult life in the place that inspired his writings. It was really nice having my family around for some days, although I still didn´t miss home as much as I thought.


Train station in Haapsalu, Estonia

Another great discovery was Haapsalu, where I ended up travelling to twice. It is quite different from the rest of Estonia. As Parnu, is mostly known for bring a beach region, really nice to spend time during summers. But what I liked the most in Haapsalu was its pitoresque look: the old colorful train station and the several trains in exhibition, both beautiful and full of history.