Vabatahtlik Eva mõtisklused.

Vabatahtlik Eva mõtisklused.

Erasmus+ programmi toel tegutseb Rõuge Avatud Noortekeskuses vabatahtlik Eva Portugalist. Eva jagab oma mõtteid ja kogemusi oma Eestis veedetud ajast siin. Võta aega lugeda ja märgata maailma teise inimese pilgu läbi.


This past month, especially at end, home sickness has been more prominent. On the one hand, returning home is not that far of a reality, but on the other, there are friends and familiy ´s birthays, and events I´ve been missing . There are times when you can´t escape this feelings, and you whish to be present on those important things, but I have to say it was a great motnh overall.

September is known for being the month of begginings, as the autumn arrives, it became colder, and the wind stronger. The birds migrate, and the trees change its green color to oranges, yellows and reds.

Nothing much different happened. I went to Viljiandi for the first time. There was a castle, and really cute coffeshops all around. I also went to Tartu, and visited AHHAA science center and the paper printing museum.

Rõuge, during the beggining of autumn.

The paper printing museum is the only one in the baltic states. There, you can learn how to make recycled paper, from various types of plants as well as from the paper itself, and how printing and typing technique worked in the the XVI century. They have also on area of the building with several paper sculptures, where they offer workshops on how to make 3D objects, sculptures and pop-ups, using only paper from second hand books. A lot of schools come there to learn all of this things, trough the workshops they give. It´s worth visiting.

To finish, another really interesting aspect os this organization is that they make notebooks from old book covers. They recieve literally thousands of books every month. Then, they remove the interior, keep the cover, and trough a binding technique, produce brand new, customized and unique notebooks. They sell them in the museum, and also in several bookshops around Estonia, as well as in an online store.

Every week anyone who can help, can go to the museum and help in this process, tuesdays and thursdays , while meeting new people around Tartu, in the little library inside the museum.


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