Sleeping in a hut

Sleeping in a hut

So, this past month Spring started, although it was snowing half of the month. April was defintely a calmer month comparing to March. 


I met regulary with other volunteers, and we travelled. In the beggining of the month we to do a hiking trail somewhere in Pärnu, but it was a really bad weather, so we canceled the plans. Instead, some of them came to Rõuge, and stayed in my place. We took a walk arround the surroundings and, the next day, the sun was shining – we decided to for a hiking in Luhasoo, and if it was still nice weather we would stay in the hut there.


We walked easly, but almost as soon as the wood path began, we realized most of the wood boards were in bad condition, worst than we thought. Our feet sank down the swamp, and each metre was a challenge, as we were trying to keep ourselves on top of the trail. Although ending up haing our boots and socks wet , it was really worth it. Luhasoo is a beautiful place and we, managed to see the sunset, near the lake.


Our night in the hut was as well some kind of adventure to remember. It was freazing cold inside the hut, the same temperature as outside. Our atemptes to do a fire succedeed, after almost an hour of lighting up an entire box of matches and cutting wood. We heated sausages over the fire, eat noodles and drink beer, and dried our wet socks. It was a little warmer, but still cold. We slept and woke up the next day to come back home, arriving pretty tired. I later remebered it was easter day. The other volunteers went back their homes and I just fell a slpeep at 18.


Just anoter trip I made was to Tartu, last Saturday. Once again, it was raining. I met with another volunteer, from Spain, and we decided to visit the botanical  garden. I had already been there, during winter, but  now that the snow melted, the trees were green and the flowers started to bloom. Finally, we headed to an art gallery, in the center of  town, where there were several artists exhibitions, from illustrators, to painters, to sculptors. Some works I hated, others I loved, has it happens with art. The price was really good, and it was a really complete exihbition, very worth seeing.

So, that was my month. It went by really quickly again….

See you!